Internet Safety

Internet use at school is both encouraged and closely monitored.
Please continue this important conversation at home by talking to your child about internet safety and making good choices.

For Safer Internet Searches:
Ensure your children are only finding appropriate images by setting the following in Google Preferences
– go to
– next to the search bar click ‘Preferences’
– increase the filter to « Use Strict Filtering »
-save preferences

For Safer YouTube Usage:
– go to
– at the bottom of the page, in gray, you will see « Safety mode: » and then « Off » in blue
– click « Off’ to switch it to « On »
– click Save

These steps will hide all comments and filter out most YouTube videos that contain content that would be considered inapporpriate by parents.  Please note that clicking « Save » only affects the Safety mode for your current YouTube session.  In order to save and lock your safety settings, you need to create and log in to your own YouTube account.

For information on Cyber Bullying:

Photos and Videos:
Children in elementary school should not be sending or posting photos or videos of themselves online without the close supervision of a responsible adult.  This includes e-mailing pictures or videos to friends.  

Personal Information on Websites:
Children in elementary school should never type any personal contact details (including e-mail address, website address, telephone number, home address, etc…) into a web form or when leaving comments on a website.  Also, many social networking sites, such as Pinterest and Facebook, require that users acknowledge that they are 13 years old or older before opening an account.  Please encourage your child to follow these age guidelines.

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