How often are French classes and where do they take place?
Kindergarten Core French classes take place in the kindergarten classes.  I am in the class for 40 minutes every day – 20 minutes of which is Core French time.  Depending on what time of day I am there, we either do a French circle time and/or I interact with the children in French while they are engaging in play-based learning.

Grades 4-6 Core French classes take place in Portable E2 and last for 40 minutes every day. 

What is AIM and where can I learn more about it?
AIM stands for the Accelerative Integrated Method and it is a wonderful second language learning program that we use in our Core French classes at South March PS.  AIM’s unique Gestures Approach simultaneously targets auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners and students speak in full sentences starting on the first day of class.  Unlike theme-based programs that focus on related nouns, with AIM, vocabulary is introduced in such a way as to allow students to express their needs and thoughts early on.  Stories, drama and songs allow for greater emotional involvement in the language and the class.  Tedious conjugation exercises are replaced with fun Grammar Raps and engaging songs and plays that have students regularly repeating common sentence structures – a key to fluency development.  For more information, visit www.aimlanguagelearning.com or feel free to contact me directly.

How do I type French accents on my computer at home?
This questions comes up a lot and my best advice is to activate the Canadian Multilingual Standard Keyboard on your home PC or Mac.  Foe detailed instructions, please visit this blog post.

What is Google Cloud and how can students log in from home?
Google Cloud for our students is part of part of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), which is being implemented board-wide by the OCDSB.  The students use their school computer username and password to access their cloud.ocdsb.ca e-mail address, via our secure OCDSB server. For more information, please visit this blog post from my 2013-2014 blog.

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