Rap 1 – Test mardi

Mardi, la classe de Mme Broadhurst va avoir un petit test (facile!) sur les infinitifs (le Rap numéro 1).  Le test va avoir 3 sections: Choisis le bon mot, écrit le mot qui n’est pas dans la phrases (fill in the blank) et corrige les fautes.  Mrs. Broadhurst class will have a test on Tuesday.  The test is the same as many examples that we have been doing in class over the past few weeks, dealing with when to use the infinitive form of French verbs.

Si tu as besoin d’aide, clique en bas ou parle avec moi lundi.


(Unfortunately the sound did not work properly on this tutorial. Arg! You can still get the hang of it by watching the writing, though. Hopefully is will remind you of what I explained in class.)